Portrait russian grandmother

Portrait or russian grandmother

On this page Portrait russian grandmother, drawn by Igor Kazarin. Picture drawn in the dry brush. These Portraits are usually bought for their mothers and grandmothers by young men, birthday and other celebrations.


Old woman's portrait has become a norm of our time, our time is difficult to choose what or gift bestowed attention of our parents fully bored plenty of stuff in the stores is hard to surprise anyone and only the most attentive young people wishing to make his mother a most unexpected gift, choose a portrait of course, as the most affordable option is a portrait of a woman, the artist I. Kazarin can paint for two - three days.


Usually the size of the portrait bust is 40 cm by 50 cm, which you can fill in a beautiful frame with glass. Portrait hanging on the wall in the house your mom is the most soulful and memorable gift!


Usually these gifts out of competition, relative to the attention of any guests of the anniversary, birthday or holiday, in fact a portrait of a spiritual gift can be said of the best sons and daughters. The most sacred is a gift it is Portrait for grandmother, the best gift , presented to mum by grandson and grand daughter





© I. Kazarin, 2006