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This page presents romantic Russian landscape paintings for sale, by artist Igor Kazarin. If you like the style of these paintings of nature, they can be ordered from Igor Kazarin.


What is a landscape? (paysage countryside - French.) It is a beautiful painting, often oil on canvas, in which a local, natural environment is depicted - specifically nature (rural, urban, marine, architecture, mountain views , fields, forests, and rivers). Russian artists painting landscapes depict native surroundings stretching under the blue, cloudy sky, in all seasons. Landscape art has existed for centuries.


Russian landscape paintings always attract nature lovers. For example seascape paintings, which attract viewers with their vast expanses of water, especially beautiful and dramatic scenery with bulky, transparent sea waves and swirling foam at the shore in a raging storm sea, where gusty winds tear sails from ships. The lyricism in seascapes of marine sailing ships in bad weather is always attractive to see, for example a very beautiful seascape painting, which shows a sunset over the sea with light translucent waves after a light wind.


Many people are attracted to paintings of autumn, that is, an autumnal landscape, where the colors of the season constantly surprise us.  In bright tones, trees shed their colorful foliage, carpeting a glade with a yellow orange blanket, or the motive of a wet forest after rain, or a warm, summer evening at sunset, is a very picturesque landscape plot - a style especially popular with many artists is a rural landscape with shabby little thatched cottages and an old church. Throughout time, landscape artists have tried to capture the poetry of their surrounding area, which has always fascinated people.


Landscape paintings, drawings and pictures of Russian nature always relax people, and create a pleasant atmosphere. In landscapes, artists skillfully reflect natural shades, applying paint to canvas subtly and carefully, sometimes with rich strokes, gradually revealing all this beauty on canvas, creating an experience of the joy and beauty of mother nature, and a feeling of freshness and space with a special, emotional mood.


Russian landscape painting is usually characterized by a clarity of composition, scale and simplicity. The main idea of landscape painting is to reflect the space of nature, its grandeur and epic calm and visual sense of beauty. Many masters of landscape painting chose themes when nature is in transition; for a short time the light changes, the sun is hidden behind thick clouds majestically soaring high in the sky, the sun's rays pass through the clouds creating changing shadows. On the horizon a yellowed August wheat field surrounded by bright green grass, a light haze clouding the horizon. Distant and proximate perspective is merged into a single surrounding space.



Russian artists prefer Russian landscapes as the most romantic pattern, beautiful views which have always fascinated human attitudes . Beautiful landscapes of our entire society give comfort and pleasure. Summer landscapes on the river during the evening sunset always gives the viewer peace of mind. Sunsets are a favorite subject of many landscape artists. 


In the 19th century, many Russian artists adopted a passion for painting pictures of nature. Among these there are several landscape artists such as Shishkin, Ivan Aivazovsky, A. Savrasov F. Vasilyev plus many, many others. The rural church - To order a rural landscape It was in the 19th century that many landscape masterpieces were created. Artists often made sketches on location of various exotic places in all seasons.


To create a complete picture, the artist had to paint many landscape sketches in pencil, and penetrate every blade of grass illuminated by the sun, bush, foliage and many different elements. For example Aivazovsky had a great observational memory, many of his seascapes he did not paint from life, especially the paintings featuring sea storms, where the waves roll on shore during the evening sunset - it is impossible to paint this from life.


Shishkin drew a lot of forest landscapes in pencil, and in this he has no equal. A. Savrasov was one of the first to show in his landscapes dirty Russian country roads blurred by rain, the romanticism of wet fields, even gray spring days in his landscapes look lovely. F. Vasilyev lived a very short life, but created a lot of beautiful scenery that made viewer empathize with them when they saw the beauty of mother nature.


  Nowadays, many artists try to capture a realistic landscape, the peak of which flourished in the 19th century. By creating realistic landscapes contemporary artists inspire our society to love and cherish the native nature.


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