Still life with fruits by Igor Kazarin

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Grapes - FragmentFragment pomegranate still lifeStill life with fruit painted by Igor Kazarin in 90 years. Still life with fruit is a very popular trend in the history of still life painting; yellowish oranges, peaches, plums, mixed with mature colorful grapes and vines with curly filaments and leaves complement the compositional direction of the entire picture.


In the tradition of Dutch still life paintings, interest is added to many works with a beautiful butterfly or a fly, realized so clearly that we feel we could reach out and touch the objects. The artist presents the viewer with various objects he has collected, carefully arranging them in a united composition with a main focus. 


Still life of plums. fragmentStill Life roses. Flowers in the old style

In still-life paintings of fruit, the composition is spread across the canvas, showing exotic fruits in a wealth of color, among, perhaps, a patch of light glass and metal utensils whose reflections play pleasantly with our visual perceptions. Thanks to the rich color scheme, light and contrast, the painting gradually comes to life when exposed to light, and becomes a luxury type of still life with fruits worthy of a position in your gallery.

Perfectly observed still lives depict baskets of fruits placed among vases in patchy light. The main task of the still life artist is to reveal the  material features of various subjects in deliberately set lighting conditions, choosing the most effective way to illuminate the scene.

Still life with cherries. fragmentGrape, peach, plum. fragment


Due to the rich tones, colors come to life under light and a magnificent still life with fruits is revealed. Distinctive features of Dutch still-life are the small size, as traditionally, middle class people bought them as ornaments, sometimes prosperous peasants. Contents of a still-life were emphasized by an extremely precise, detailed depiction of the material world, the presentation of real forms, separate fragments of a picture very honestly and diligently realized.


Subjects in a still-life were designed to be perceived as luxurious and graceful, in quiet contemplation. This all corresponded to the refined tastes of the Dutch. Great value was given to compositional decisions, a manner of creating work with sufficient confidence of knowledge of the business, and love of the craft, bound by the patience and diligence that was a national feature of the Dutch artists. The main problem of the Dutch artists was: how to involve the spectator with the unusual beauty of a still-life, how to cultivate in viewers a feeling of fine perception, forcing them to think and reflect on the beauty of objects which were habitually mundane, everyday items.




Butterfly - Detail

Since olden days, people have peered into the world of the subjects surrounding them, trying to solve the secrets of a world displayed gracefully on a canvas. Dutch artists have managed to realize all this beauty superbly, and to present the unusual creations and unsolved secrets of still life paintings to the entire world.


A still life expresses to people the world of fine things surrounding us, and the  gifts of mother nature.  Hand painted works of grapes with finely registered details are presented as subjects alongside a picturesque abundance of other exotic fruits, where falling light plays brilliantly across surfaces.


Glass vases and metal utensils give integrity, unite compositional construction, and give a unique, fantastic decorative effect to the image. A still life in a beautiful, decorative frame will adorn any apartment interior, or will serve you as an excellent gift.


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