Speed painting portrait Britney Spears


Drawing video Britney SpearsSpeed painting portrait Britney Spears by portrait artist Igor Kazarin. Famous singer is drawn in Dry Brush Technikue. This page presents my color portrait by dry brush, portrait painted with brightly underlined beautiful make-up of Britney Spears.

Britney Spears beautiful girl, which has millions of fans around the world. I have a lot of black and white portraits in dry brush technique, some people think, that I draw with charcoal, graphite powder, I am often asked, what materials I use? answer is simple, I only draw portraits by oil. In this portrait is used only a few colors oil. Today you can see, how to draw Britney Spears by dry drush, look at video Speed painting portrait Britney Spears . If you have pictures Britney Spears face, Igor Kazarin can draw for you portrait of this wonderful singer.


  If you want to raise your popularity, I can draw your beautifully portrait and shoot it on video Speed painting portrait for your website or blog


If you liked Speed painting portrait Britney Spears, if possible, please Comment  and  Rate this job. Igor Kazarin shows Time lapse painting - step by step how to draw portrait Britney Spears in dry brush. Despite the fact that my drawing is presented in, the time on this portrait, I spent 5-6 hours. As always, I draw a sketch with a pencil, attentively working with all the proportions of the portrait, from this many depends the similarity of the portrait. Then I start to paint brushes rubbing oil paint on watercolor paper. For this portrait I took about 5 colors of paint. As usual, I try to paint a beautiful portrait for any girl, so this portrait is no exception, Portrait Britney Spears painted with bright the make-up

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