Josie Maran model

Josie Maran model. Josie Maran hot photo

Beauty Model Josie Maran, was painted in early 2000, painted in a dry brush technique. Somehow once leafing through magazines, seeing this touchingly tender image in a magazine photo, and it was immediately decided to draw a portrait of Josie Maran, who is still in the artist's collection today.


The obedient image of this photomodel has won not few admirers charmed by its wondrous beauty. With an increase of 1 meter 70 cm, she did not manage to make a career on the podium, because, accordingly, on the podium, girls of high stature are required.


In the role of the model was a complete success, she is invited to appear in various commercials, starred in many video clips and even starred in the lead role in The Mallory Effect and Susan in Swatters and in some other films. The beauty of Josie Maran brought her stunning fame, today Josie Maran is a famous fashion model, the owner of his own company Josie Maran Cosmetics.


Perhaps you or your friend, a friend of the fan of this charming top model, ordering a portrait of Josie Maran in the technique of a dry brush with your favorite Josie photos, will be a pleasant surprise.




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