Natalia Oreiro

Natalia Oreiro. Women portrait glamour

Portrait of glamour Natalia Oreiro actress and the singer

A very beautiful, pretty, erotic Argentine girl with green fascinatingly attractive eyes, conquered the world with the main roles in the famous series. Rich and famous, Wild Angel.


Painted portraits of Natalia Oreiro not so much, the portrait that is represented on this page is drawn in the technique of a dry brush. Despite the fact that Natalia Oreiro is a Latin American actress, the artist portrayed Natalia Oreiro in Russian style at the birch against the backdrop of the landscape, which in itself is perceived inadequately by some viewers, meaning that birches in Argentina do not grow.


Well, who will say that Natalia Oreiro does not look like a Russian girl ?. So the artist never watched the Argentine serials, took her for a Russian beautiful girl, seeing her picture in the magazine for the first time and decided to draw it. Later, a very unusual portrait turned out, it is likely that Natalia Oreiro would like this portrait, which probably never stood with the Russian birch.


If you are a fan of Natalia Oreiro, and wish to order a portrait by photo, the artist for you will draw your favorite actress and singer, the name that Natalia Oreiro, conquered by her attractive appearance, most of the Russians and viewers around the world.

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