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Paintings of famous people

Classic oil painting portraits from photo by Igor Kazarin, these portraits are usually my clients like to order. Although I am certainly more like working on other topics, such as my portraits in oil on the first page. However, I enough carefully working and my clients always have a positive assessmentmy for my work. Thanks to this, I get a constant repeat orders over and over again. Of course it makes me happy. This is a good support to further my creative work, which I love doing.


Creative work always helps to any artist to improve themselves and it can take whole life to understand it all. And I need some time, I have not completely opened my ability and my job is to find the new colors in the painting, to understand its subtleties and find beauty that is hidden from me at this stage. I am as an artist is always a bit not satisfied with my work, my colleagues say it is normal. Dissatisfaction helps to improve. If you like my work and you wish to order oil portrait in the classical style, please let me know


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