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Oil painting video. Man portrait painting

Oil painting video 2

In this Oil painting video artist Igor Kazarin performs man portrait painting on canvas size 40 cm by 50 cm. Usually conditions a similar painting a portrait takes about 3 weeks, although someone can do it in shortest time for example 2 weeks or less, unless the portrait is not overloaded with detail. This Video portrait oil painting from photography consists of some fragments during painting of portrait, reproduced in an time lapse mode, 9 min 44 sec.


Work with a oil painting portrait from photo is divided into several stages, in this case their phase 4.3 at intervals of several days to dry the next layer of oil paint, at the end of the work remains a correction improves perception detail of a portrait. Judging by the comments my Oil painting video in Youtube, about my job is the feedback from different artists with different opinions, I am pleased that the majority support this style, some do not. Well I understand, sometimes I am positively to criticism, the most useful and necessary critique from good artist, who something got into a realistic painting and has examples of his work.


Sometimes unreasonable critique about this Portrait painting video comes from an inexperienced artists, never painted a portrait from a photo and which have nothing to show for the people and do not understand why the customer chose the portrait is in a strictly realistic style of painting, and this critique i m not to pay attention :). Personally for me the most important thing is always is The final result and not the factor as an artist method uses to achieve positive results




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