Landscape by Igor Kazarin

On this page I present you Russian landscape paintings oil on canvas for sale by Igor Kazarin, in my opinion these beautiful paintings I often painted from the beginning of the 90s and sold on the opening day and even on the Arbat, miniatures with small sizes starting from 10 to 15 cm and up to 25 by 35 cm. I also painted with average sizes of 50 by 70 cm or 60 by 80 cm.



Probably no one is indifferent when looking at the canvases with the nature of the Russian suburbs. When I visit museums, I also look at paintings by various authors for a long time and then it inspires me to draw something like that.


Village Monastery Painting All this stimulated my further work, I tried to copy less and do something new and mine. The fact that presented on this page is a very small part of what I had, I was just too lazy to photograph my works, so there would be much more of them.


Based on my preferences, I gravitate more toward summer and autumn scenes and really like to paint rural compositions with a sunny sunset, probably these are the most beautiful landscapes painted in oil. I did a lot of work with churches, they are certainly much more difficult to perform, but nice to look at and it’s worth it. Also, it’s not against to paint marine species, in this sense, Aivazovsky has always amazed me, with its stormy seas and sailboats, transparent and voluminous waves rolling on the shore. At first I made light copies, paint a lot of mine, maybe not as expertly as our famous marine painter, but nevertheless there was nothing left in stock, for which I am grateful to my customers, at that time.


Today, of course, I am more loaded with a portrait theme, but for now, my hands just do not reach this point, nevertheless, there is already a desire, and maybe you seduce me into it. I think today this topic is of little interest to anyone, people are more engaged in business and do not want to think about anything else. And someone because of small incomes does not have any desire to think about acquiring something like that.


A picture with our Russian environs is pleasure and comfort, lyrics and romanticism, and all this was familiar to many artists of the 19th century, especially such as Shishkin, Savrasov, Vasiliev, Levitan and others.


To create one full-fledged canvas, they created a lot of sketching sketches from which they painted the completed work. For example, Aivazovsky did his storms all from imagination and memories from observing sea sunset with stormy waves at sea. Probably everyone can only admire this, how talented this artist is.


At the very bottom of the page, I placed several of my pencil sketches with churches, on which I then painted my work. This was a fascinating affair, and sometimes in the evenings and nights I designed these non-cunning sketches with a pencil in my hand. A lot of wrinkled paper, if something went wrong. True, all of these sketches after work were no longer needed for me, and I simply did not save them.




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