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How to dry brush using oil paint? Which black oil paint I can use to dry brush? - You can use any black paint, regardless of tone. 0.5 cubic cm is enough for a portrait, this is a very thin layer of paint that is not absorbed into paper. Any slow drying black paint is suitable. You can at random, pick a more interesting black paint according to your taste. At the moment I paint with TIONDIGO oilThis is my old stock however, as this oil paint has stopped being produced and is no longer sold anywhere


 How to dry brush using oil paint for color portraits? -
The tint and colour is your choice. Quick drying oil paints cannot be used for dry brush.


When working in dry brush, I never use: charcoal, charcoal powder, pastel or pastel powder, graphite powder, ink, acrylic paint, and so on.


The porosity of watercolor paper
What is the best watercolor paper texture to use with Dry brush?


 - The porosity of watercolor paper plays an important role in dry brush. Due to the textured surface of the paper, we get a nice effect with dry brush. A coarse texture is not desirable, since the indents will retain a lot of paint, and as a result portrait will turn out dirty and inaccurate. So for users of all levels it is better  to use watercolor paper with fine-grained texture.


Earlier, I used the Fabriano brand. Today I use different types of watercolor paper, in the art store I often choose Canson and sometimes other types of paper by medium-grained texture. Pick a more interesting watercolor paper texture according to your taste.


bristle and synthetic brushes What types of paint brush do you use for dry brush portraits?


My experience using flat - bristle and different sized synthetic brushes has shown that ,it is best to use thinner synthetics brushes to the draw any details of the portrait, and other small parts, whereas wide bristle brushes are best used to create broad areas of shading, such as the shadow of face, hair, clothes and background


thin synthetic brushWhat brush do you use to paint a thin line as the eyes, nose, lips, teeth, and so on.?


Very often people asked me how I draw fine details in my portraits. For thin lines in drawing portraits, i use a thin synthetic brush, like this one. Once upon a time I used a similar bristle brush, but as practice has shown synthetic brush is much better.


simple rubber eraserWhat is the magic rubber eraser you use, and why do you use it, after drawing with oil paint?


- This is a simple rubber eraser, but very soft. A rubber eraser is applied to highlight details in the portrait. For one black and white portrait, very little paint will be sufficient, 5 cubic millimeters of black oil paint


domestic sewing machine lubricating oil What do you mix with the oil paint when drawing a portrait? -


When I draw black and white portraits, I add 2-3 drops of domestic sewing machine lubricating oil and mix it with black oil paint on a palette. This is a unique feature of this drawing technique, and is effective when rubbing with brushes.


How can I correct a blot on a portrait? - If you inadvertently smear a white area with paint while working, and end up with a blot, here is what you can do. If the blot is only slight, it can be corrected by rubbing it with an eraser. Unfortunately, if the spot is very prominent and it is located directly on the face, you will probably not be able to remove it, so the next time you should be very careful.



Why do my dry brush portraits turn out dirty and inaccurate? I saw your video, and your results are far more accurate - Well firstly you're probably in a hurry. When drawing your portrait, do not to hurry. It is necessary to think about every step of your work. On my videos it seems that I draw quickly, but in fact my portraits take 4-6 hours.


The fact that you have in the result a somewhat dirty, unkempt and of course not smooth portrait. It means that you have missed some of the properties in this drawing technique. Many people do not always think about the title of this painting techniques. Need to understand these two words (Dry Brush) - it says that your brush should be nearly dry, then layer of paint on the paper will be more smoother. For example, when drawing a face, the brush should be more dry, and if you draw hair, brush may be a little less dry, you should not be forgotten about this features when you are working with dry brush portrait


Once you have touched a brush in paint, rub it well on a dry palette for 5-7 seconds, or 3-4 seconds or more on a piece of paper that performs the role of palette, so that the paint is evenly distributed throughout the entire area of brush. Then you are ready to use the brush on your drawing paper. If you want to get a smooth result, it is important not to rush. Be patient, after some experience, you will be all right.


How long does it take to draw a live portrait using a dry brush technique? Usually 1-1,5 hours. Dry brush is growing in popularity due to results of excellent quality. If you decide to make money by drawing portraits as a street artist, I don't know of a technique better than dry brush. If you are very interested, Read more here: How to make money as an artist


scalpelCorrection Fluid
For what purpose do you use a scalpel? - Interesting drawing tool. Certainly using a scalpel in portraiture seems strange, nevertheless it's purpose is simple and it is somewhat like the role of an eraser. The only difference is, a scalpel is necessary to create a bright glare, such as on the eyes, teeth, earrings, rings, etc., where an eraser would not manage to create a bright enough highlight.


Using a scalpel is not advisable unless you are using thick watercolor paper. When you can not use a scalpel at all, you can use regular "Correction Fluid". to create highlights in your portrait. In this case, soak a small brush in the Correction Fluid and create a light glare where you want


For example, I have not used a scalpel for a long time since I was a street artist, probably more than 15 years ago.


Please tell me, do you pretreat watercolor paper before you draw with dry brush (primer, wetting, Imprimatura and so on)? No pre-treatment is necessary for dry brush drawing on watercolor paper. Watercolor paper, for example the Fabriano brand, is very thick, white paper. You can also pick up other paper grades to suit your taste


Do you fix your dry brush drawing with any fixative material? The fixing of the portrait surface is not necessary. Oil paint, as you know, is not powdery like pastel or charcoal. After a few days drying it changes from a liquid form to a hardened surface and cannot be erased with the eraser.


Because you draw on paper with oil paint mixed on palette with lubricating oil, can oil paint be safely absorbed by a water colour paper? Do oil paint will rot paper when it comes in contact with it. Visitors often ask me this question. Remember the name of this painting technique (Dry Brush), Think over this two words. This means that a very small amount of paint on a brush, spread over the entire surface of a bristle. The paint is not absorbed into the paper because it is a very, very thin layer of paint. As you're an artist, You need to think logically, it is not the thick layer of paint, as painted on a canvas. On paper, this micron layer of paint.


Linseed oilWhat can I do if I do not have machine oil? Can it be replaced with linseed oil?


Linseed oil is not suitable, Instead of lubricating oil you can use kerosene or diesel fuel. Someone thinks that here Igor Kazarin is joking with you): No kidding, I have used all of these materials for many years.


Dry brush palette by Igor KazarinI want to see your dry brush palette? I presented several images of my sketch pad before the regular drawing portraits. I think that this may be useful to you.


I like to paint with acrylics, can I use these paints with dry brush technique? Frankly speaking I've never tried to paint with acrylics. But logically thinking, this sort of paint is not appropriate in any case, because the properties of acrylic paint is very different to that of oil paint.


Which drawing materials do you use for dry brush portraiture? I would like to see the variety and sizes of brushes, you work with.. - Well, I am often asked such questions, my drawing materials or drawing supply are shown on this page. Here is shown my collection of art brushes for dry brush portraits, TIONDIGO oil paint, a scalpel, and lubricating oil and of course a very important tool for dry brush is a standard eraser. Ironically, many call it a magic eraser ): All of these drawing materials for dry brush are sold in art and drawing supplies stores. At your discretion, you can use more expensive professional paint brushes or cheap paint brushes. For dry brush the brush quality is not so important.


Are brushes and accessories expensive to buy? A very frequent question - a brush is $1-3, a tube of paint $2-5, watercolor paper 20-50 cents, eraser 20 cents. Only the work of the artist can be expensive:)


Dear friends, please pay attention, recently on some forums and blogs, there was incorrect and sometimes false information about dry brush and the working methods of artist Igor Kazarin. I no longer give info about my working methods. In addition to this, pay attention, I do not cooperate with dealers who unlawfully use my videos for their own gain, in order to sell their book about drawing portraits. If you see someone offering to sell videos of portrait drawing lessons, and this video features a demonstration by me, this is a lie


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