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Oil paintings portrait from photo - It is a very complicated and laborious work that requires a lot of attention. Artist Igor Kazarin has painted many oil paintings on canvas over the years, including still life, landscapes and portraits.


Of course Igor Kazarin has drawn much more in dry brush technique than in oil, for the obvious reason: the time it takes to complete an oil painting. Accordingly, the price is much higher. A picturesque portrait in oil can be painted even from a black and white photo, in this case you need to gather information about eye color, hair and clothing.


Usually the time it takes to paint a portrait in oil on canvas is a minimum of 3 to 5 weeks. The reason for this is that oil paint dries not very quickly. Sometimes it lasts longer.


According to his observations humidity and pressure influence it. He paints his oil portraits in several stages - it all depends on the complexity of the photo. He does not work in Alla Prima, because he loves the subtle elaboration of portraits, despite the fact that some think these portraits are too realistic. It is the most difficult type of portrait painting and its relevance will never fade.


Russian artist Igor Kazarin presents you samples of hand painted modern portraits paintings in oil on canvas. For realistic portraits it is possible to create a classical portrait even from various photos including black white ones - except if they are of poor quality.


The canvas size varies. For example, the average sizes of the paintings on this page are: 40 by 50 cm, 50 by 60 cm and 50 by 70cm. For most close up portraits a 40 by 50 cm is adequate. When there are other visible objects, such as the person is sitting in an armchair, behind a table, etc. a 50 by 70 cm is needed. Other canvas sizes are also possible, depending on your choice.


These realistic oil painting portraits are executed in a multilayered system, following a certain sequence: A first coat on the canvas by drawing the figure with pencil, an underpainting, a registration, then final completion. This method is used by many artists because a variety of shades and colors can be achieved with it. A layer of oil paint does not mix with other layers. This means safety in the long run.


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