My drawing video

On this page i presents my Drawing Videos by Dry Brush. In 2009, a Youtube channel was created (PortraitDrawing) by Igor Kazarin, where I decided to show a brief process of my work.

I created these for clarity and understanding of my work, that is, filming the work process, the goal was not in the form of training, just a demonstration no more. Today it is over 19 million views. I did not expect such a scale.


JuicyStar07 Video drawingMany visitors of my site and the YouTube channel constantly ask me when there will be a new publication?


Of course, I apologize to my subscribers, and all interested fans. I didn’t have a goal of constantly doing this, that is, filming my work on camera, with the exception of rare orders from private individuals. From time to time, I have thoughts about shooting, but somehow, my hands do not reach this point, this is a very troublesome and responsible matter, it takes me about a couple of weeks. And another reason, constantly busy, I draw portraits for many customers who find me on the Internet.


Biggest views: Britney Spears, Emma Watson, Johnny Depp. One drawing took about 3-5 hours. After the spread of the YouTube videos, many of the Chinese comrades have placed them on the Chinese hosting Youku, and other.


Recently, many people often ask me, For example, I liked the video with Emma Watson, can you do something like this for my girlfriend ?, yes it’s possible, usually it’s a black and white portrait, starting with a clean sheet, working with the proportions in pencil, drawing with brushes and an eraser. And as a result, about 3-4 minutes HD movie with your favorite music track.


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