Caricature from photo


Dear friends and lovers of humor !, you are here not just by chance and I guess you want to draw a Caricature from photo by professional artist, inexpensively and quickly. Well then, you came to the address, in general, I’ll be humorous with you here, for example, you don’t know, but how it looked better, what should we dress your hero with?



Well then, forward, for starters, of course you need your pictures and information, what our hero is interested in and who he is there by profession, maybe there are some kind of paraphernalia needed, etc.


Well, now I’ve started actions, I have many options for how to draw a caricature of our hero in a funny way, you said that he has a Batman fan there and he’s a tough guy with a cool car. I draw quickly and now it is the result. Completely))) ready ... Not bad, I put it together here, what do you think ?, will it still be.


And recently I was ordered a cartoon for a businessman, well, you probably guessed that they are having a rest in London and playing in the casino there, well, they need to get money somewhere, and once, and we have it against the backdrop of Big Ben, with a cigar and imposingly sits on his car for a million greens, such a cool picture is not a shame in his office to hang on the wall.


Of course, I have a lot of such compositions, I often draw Napoleons, royal figures, fans, astronauts and the like, I’ve lost count, maybe you can add to me any ideas, how to draw Caricature from yours photo, with your ideas about to what I haven’t done yet, I will be glad and will be waiting for your messages.



I'm sorry for my english, if you find incorrect descriptions on my site and wish to correct, please message me to my