Lesson drawing portrait


Portrait - a direction of the fine arts, devoted to draw face of certain person or group of people - externally similar image of person, its customs, internal attitude, a vital spirit. How to draw portrait correctly? Alongside with a unique individual originality the portraitist should reveal attributes of an epoch and the social environment.


The artist being constantly in searches of new decisions, chooses the most valuable compositions with various effects of illumination and integrity of work. Owing to color to riches of shades, colors come to life under action of light. In this clause it is presented small lesson drawing portrait, how to draw portrait, the secrets of drawing face a special place development of technics of figure, methods of drawing, a proportion of the person borrows, harmony and unity of colour - here brief description of a fine art portrait.


During drawing face of person the artist gradually finds new colour scores, gradation shades, light in a picture should open the set theme.  How to draw portrait on the one hand it it is not too difficult if to observe certain rules of drawing, it is difficult to draw a portrait if these rules not to observe or absolutely about them nothing the nobility. Some portrait artists cover the inability precisely to transfer similarity refusing with the ostensibly vision, sometimes they after the portrait drawn by them and tell "I so I see". Some artists of the similar plan became well-known, and their portraits cost today millions dollars.


As the portrait is drawn, all this is reached owing to skilful use of art receptions and labour-consuming creative work in which the art portrait is born, is thin, the masterful psychological portrait of the person registered by soft tones. Constantly being in search correct, it is difficult carried out decisions, the artist is in at times in silent reflection, trying to open the God created secrets of human nature. The richer internal understanding of artist of beauty of the world, an immense image of the person, the it is more ennobled its mind, are especially accessible to it various secrets of soul of the person.


The artist should listen attentively to soul alive nature of the person, trying to catch the invisible shades in drawing face, the latent looks to generalize character traits.


We draw, the main task which faces to the beginning artist it deeply to study a nature and to try, it is as much as possible to draw from life, as such approach yields in the big degree positive results in knowledge as the portrait is drawn.


How to draw a portrait , it is frequent in portrait painting, the basic attention the artist gives on features, proportions of drawing face, arrangement of details of person, volume that will help to approach further similarity of a portrait to the original. We draw eyes and eyebrowes the main thing correctly to estimate proportions of eyes concerning with other parts of the person, as though as a whole, one eye can be more on the size of another depending on turn of a head, it is very important details of the person expressing all figurativeness and a private world of the person, necessary to consider a direction of a sight.


It will be in addition separately very useful to draw figures of eyes. We draw a nose, this juicy detail of the person happens the different sizes, rounded off edges force down it from sense, it is necessary to measure width of a nose in relation to length of eyes, often width of a nose happens on much wider lengths of an eye, it is very difficult to catch the true size of a nose, both on length, and on width, all this is comprehended in trainings where it is possible to draw figures of a nose.


We draw lips, at first sight it seems that it is an easy detail of the person, lips happen narrow on width, average and chubby especially should be considered it in relation to the certain person, considering still listance lips from a nose which happens a miscellaneous, be trained representing various figures of lips. In due course, if more often to draw from life the person of the person, it is possible to overcome these difficulties with correct proportions. How to draw realistic faces? why portrait so is difficult for drawing?, the face of person consists of different details of eyes, eyebrows, a nose, a chin and a face form and at each person these


components have the various sizes and at each person they the unique, having thousand and millions combinations. It is necessary to give special attention for the sizes of details of the person concerning other parts if in drawing of the person all it to observe similarity to the original positive will be obligatory. If beginning artist acquires such principle of drawing of a portrait, in a consequence developing its everyday trainings draw realistic faces, drawing person in various turns of a head, observing volume and drawing face proportions, it will necessarily yield positive result in the nearest future.


Some teachers who to train draw a portrait, tell that in a portrait this main thing volume, correct shading and it is not necessary to pay attention to similarity of drawing faces, actually it is not correct, it is possible to agree with it if we for example draw a jug or other similar subject strict similarity here it is not so important. As to a portrait the person drawn should be recognised. To draw a portrait without similarity empty employment.


Very much the great value in a portrait borrows gesture, as the important unit of all composition behind which sometimes there is a main subjects of a portrait. In portrait art gesture has versatile shades it is result lived, at times a uneasy life and life experience which is unique and unique at each person. Plastic language of gesture it can be for example, the inclination of a head depending on a manner of behaviour of the person, the certain wave of a hand and certainly a bearing at times on which the person can be learned even from a back, all these alive shades, a manner of behaviour can be very obvious or hidden.


The portraitist should trust the internal voice which often prompts as to draw the person. The portrait image should involve the spectator, in that outlook silent and silent in which the artist aspiring is surrounded to inform its certain sacrament outlooks, display of Divine beauty where the world becomes more transparent.   Portrait art is the unique world dreams the artist, aspiring to express in the products beauty of the person


and its image, a variety of world around and its riches. The art portrait has the spectator a huge inclination to secret of the human person. The person is the wreath of creation created on an image and similarity of the God with unique beauty of the person, riches of an internal life. The more deeply and more richly internal a life of soul of the artist, the higher its mind, here that also comes understanding secrets portrait, how to draw portrait, especially become more transparen





© I. Kazarin, 2006