Emma Watson drawing portrait

Emma Watson drawing portrait

Emma Watson drawing portrait video

Emma Watson drawing portrait by dry brush. Black a white portrait of very popular Hollywood


actress. Her extraordinary charm and soulful eyes motivated me to draw portrait

Walking through the internet by accident I saw some Emma Watson drawings I remember, that somewhere in children's films she acted, Then i was found Emma Watson, is very popular actress in the whole world. Children and adults like all films where she plays her role, for example in Harry Potter.


I'm still quite rare draw celebrities, usually have to paint ordinary people. From many photos I found one of Emma Watson, This image of Emma i can say was touched me, her sincerity and soulful eyes. I even thought Emma Watson somewhat similar to a Russian girl, what we have so many. After drawing a portrait of Megan Fox, I immediately began to draw with shooting a video drawing of Emma Watson.


Drawing Emma Watson 2017

I sory, Can say I'm a long time is not filmed on video my drawing and quality of shooting was slightly worse than shooting a drawing video Megan Fox, I think in the future to improve. Yes, I would say this Emma Watson drawing video by dry brush is not just video tutorials as well, as video lessons must be in real time but no speed drawing. As always, I start drawing from outline beginning with eyes, this is my bad habit, some masters say, that is better to start with a general composition and etc, well, but my method more suitable to me. Each has its own ways, I know some of my colleagues who are beginning to paint a portrait from lips, actually it does not matter.


The main thing to accurately convey as close as possible all proportions of facial features that it contributed to result of nearest similarity. Next, I draw with small brushes with a small amount grated on a palette of black oil paint, it also with brushes are important to shape boundaries facial features, hairstyles, so that later hatching with a wide brush for shadow volume were clearly visible all the forms. Finally, in drawing a portrait of Emma Watson is the work of an eraser to lighten the highlights on face and her beautiful hair.


In addition to this must be corrected facial features, and a bit by Correction Fluid can be done thin glare in the eyes, with brushes add a bit of contrast, all contribute to a closer likeness to portrait and the expression of Emma Watson. That's all
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Drawing Emma Watson 2017


Рисование Эммы Уотсон 2017



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