Children portrait drawing


I hope you like my drawing style and want Portrait drawing Children Commissions by professional artist, if so, I am very glad that you found me.


Quite a lot of such small kids I still painted one after another, being a street artist and rarely who of the children posed well. Therefore, the speed and probably dexterity with such work should be impeccable, otherwise it’s all in vain, in fact, I coped well with this, for at least half an hour, and the parents of this child were always satisfied. The most important thing in the first 5-7 minutes, as quickly as possible, is to draw a similarity in the outline, later the children are already less assiduous. Probably, like many artists, i like to draw portrait of a child in order to show this innocence of gaze on a piece of paper, with an emphasis on cheerfulness and characteristic features.

I'm not so young and quick as before, therefore I work more diligently and not in a hurry, no problems with time. I try to convey all the characteristics as accurately as possible, dividing the work into stages within 2-4 days. This gives the most accurate result and the most important thing for me is regular customers, which I really value.


Despite the fact that I devote a lot of time to drawing children's on paper, I also work with oil on canvas.





© I. Kazarin, 2006