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The artist should try correctly to draw a beautiful woman portrait, to draw the woman in gentle shades pleasing with all to its internal desires, artist can make your portrait look better, for example a portrait of Monika Bellucci, drawings of women, Perfectly well drawn portrait Pretty russian lady. Figure of the woman is executed in the modern art the schedule, technics a dry brush best look for portrait of woman, in is black white the schedule or a color portrait on a canvas oil.


The woman in time current occupies more and more independent position in a society, they became more emancipated, it says that already to them from outside men absolutely other thin approach is necessary, and correctly to make this approach it already art. The woman can be charmed in the different ways, the idle time is wood compliments underlining its beauty and charm. Women positively perceive similar compliments, sometimes understanding that it is flattery. To give a gift it is the most ancient method and the most effective. The gift price depends, from some factors: who this woman how much brightly it looks, what occupies in a society position etc.


For example portrait of woman is the most universal gift which approaches for any female age, its position and beauty. The Frenchmen which very much love the women speak so; If the woman is guilty apologize before it. But easier to apologize it a little, what that correct decision is necessary, it needs that that to present.  As you have guessed, best gift there will be certainly a Beautiful portrait on which your beloved is represented. The portrait of a woman will decorate any premise, in which always a cosiness and composure. Admiring the drawn portrait of a woman, the person always was surprised to the raised beauty of the woman which reflect charm and beauty of a terrestrial life created by the God. Why women so are seductive at all times? This riddle each artist which draws the woman is obliged to solve as a result to splash out on a leaf of a paper the correct decision reflected shape of the woman forever.


In portraits of old masters female portraits differ from modern portraits the suit in the images. Each suit spoke much about the woman its status and position in a society, at a kind of the woman in such suit the contemporary at once realized who before it. In the modern drawn female portrait the role of a suit matters a little bit less, the suit of the modern woman basically emphasizes beauty, adding shine of perception and almost it is not enough, that speaks about the status. Woman face drawing in the fine arts always borrowed and borrows a paramount role.


The woman portrait will be the best gift for the woman on 8 Marth, on eve of this holiday many men are in gift searches, long considering what to present to the beloved and very few people guesses that the woman portrait in a gift for the woman for March, 8th is the most sincere gift which opens reciprocal feelings of the woman to the beloved. The portrait of woman will decorate any premise, in which always a cosiness and composure.




© I. Kazarin, 2006