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Dear visitors, if you wish to commission oil portrait by Igor Kazarin, for information, I’ll say, most often, based on my practice, average sizes of canvases from 50 by 60 cm to 70 by 80 cm and etc, are used, which are often associated with compositions at your request, over a period of 4-6 weeks.


Family oil portrait The minimum size is the head and shoulders, not less than 18 by 24 cm or 30 by 40 cm from 2 or 3 weeks, a couple of stages of work, and sometimes even in one stage ala prima. The maximum size is 120 cm by 80 cm, here it is possible in full growth or a more complex and large-scale composition.


Some information about my work and the materials that I usually use when paint a portrait for commission. I buy a finished canvas on a stretcher, make a light primer or pull it on a stretcher and make a primer, sometimes with an imprimatur. Like many of my colleagues, I start with a pencil sketch, emphasizing the basic proportions of a person’s figure and face. Then in several stages I paint with oil at intervals between stages for drying the oil it about 3-5 days.


Paintings of famous people


For example, the most classic Half-length oil portrait of 1 person, size 50 by 70 cm, takes 4-5 weeks in time.


I use paints only expensive, cheap I never use, since it is not profitable and can harm the work process. If you like my work and you want a handmade painting only, I am ready for your task.


I will certainly consider your ideas and wishes in the forthcoming work. If necessary, some adjustment of the details of the future character, background it is possible. I can also add something, and change a little, etc.




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